How Works

Simply “browse cars” uploaded by dealers on our online showroom.

Select up to 4 cars you are interested in. These can be any make, any model, anywhere in the country.

We will ask you a few basic questions to help the dealer put a clear offer to you.


Select your car

Select up to 4 cars of your choice in our online showroom. 

These can be any make, any model, from any dealer nationwide. 


Offer your trade-in

If you have a car to trade in, follow our simple guidelines to present your current car to the dealer using your smartphone - Don’t worry, we make it simple! 


Dealer transparency gets you the keenest deal by allowing your dealers to see each other's offers!

Whilst we offer our dealers privacy by obscuring their identities from each other, we allow them to see what make, model, year and spec of car you have requested a quote for. Monthly payments and prices to change from competing dealerships are also visible.

The end result? Transparent competition and a great deal for you! 


OK, I’ve made my selection and I’ve uploaded my trade-in. What happens then?

You’ll be asked to set a time limit for your dealers to respond within. You can choose 24, 48 or 72 hours. Every dealer you have requested a quotation from can revise or change their quote as many times as they wish until the time limit you set runs out. You will be notified by email each time you receive a new offer. 


So is the deal done online?

No. We understand that you may prefer to meet the dealer and see the car in person before completing the sale. If you are happy to proceed with a quote, you can contact the dealer to arrange to close the deal in person. 


What you need to do

To get the best out of the process, we’ll ask you to provide some information if you’re trading in., along with brief information regarding finance.

The mileage on your current car
Is your car in kilometers or miles? 

Service history
We’ll ask if your car has a service history or not and if it has when it was last serviced? 

Basic mechanical condition
Anything wrong with the car that the dealer needs to know about? Say it here. If your car has a timing belt, let us know if it's been changed or not. 

Any damage or dents on your car? Don’t worry, most cars do! We’ll ask you to rate your car's physical shape out of 10. Be honest! 

If you have a finance agreement on your trade-in, please have the following information to hand

1. Your outstanding settlement figure. This is the amount you currently owe to your finance provider 

2. Your current monthly repayment 

3. The maximum monthly payment that fits your budget  

4. The cash deposit you are willing to contribute to your next deal 


We’ll show you how to photograph your car to best display it to the dealers during the process. See our FAQ for more information on this. 

That’s It! 

Upload the information from your smart device and you’re on your way to a better motoring deal with