Frequently Asked Questions

There are a vast number of people who find the traditional method buying cars to be a painful process. Most car buyers will usually research 2 or 3 cars when they are buying a new car. As result, the car buyer ends up making 3 separate trips to dealerships, negotiating with 3 different salespeople and trying to process information in different car showrooms, which can be difficult. allows the buyer to attain the information he or she needs from the comfort of their own home, office, or anywhere for that matter. You can then decide what car and what deal suits you the best and enjoy a relaxed and easy buying experience.

CarHunt is free of charge for car buyers.

If you don’t receive a response from any of the dealers, you will still be in credit to select an alternative car (or cars).

There may be a time when a car you enquire about has been sold. If this occurs, the dealer will be able to notify you that it is no longer available. You will not be charged for this transaction and you can select an alternative car of your choice.

Yes – on the condition that your trade-in information and related details are accurate and are as described. 

Both you and the dealer will digitally agree to a disclaimer. If you have a trade-in and that car has a fault or discrepancy that the dealer has not been made aware of, the dealer has the right to alter or withdraw his offer. Please remember that car dealers will be putting their best offers to you and they have to be protected against misinformation. 

If you are unsure if your car has a fault, we will be happy to help you explain your trade-in to the dealer. Please feel free to phone us or email us at any time and the team at CarHunt will gladly help you.

No, you will not be contacted during the carhunt process. You can choose your preferred deal at the end of the process, and your contact details will be shared with that dealer.

We offer a comprehensive guideline on how to photograph your car to display it to the dealer. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be professional pictures! Just remember the following points.

  • Photograph your car according to our picture template.

  • Ensure your car is clean, inside and out.

  • Take your pictures in a well-lit environment

  • If your car has any physical damage or imperfections, be sure to include these images. Dealers understand that most cars will need some level of reconditioning when they accept them as part exchange, and it is only fair to display your car as it actually is.

Below are the 10 images we will ask you to upload

There are two ways you can do this.

You can take these pictures in advance on your smartphone and upload them when you are prompted.
Alternatively, you can choose to launch the camera function on your device when prompted and take pictures at this point.

Be as honest and thorough as you can here. We understand that not all car buyers are well versed in car mechanics, and that’s fine. If you believe your car has any defects, try and explain it as simply as you can. You can add your own notes to the dealer to say ‘brakes are loud’ or ‘weird noise when I start the engine’ etc.

It’s important to be as clear and honest as you can here. The dealer does not have to honour his price if you have deliberately explained your car incorrectly.

If you have a finance agreement on your car, please include the current settlement figure and your current monthly payment on the trade-in screen. This is vital to helping the dealer put a valid offer to you.

It may be required to put some cash into the deal to make it work. You can nominate a cash deposit you are happy to commit to a deal.  

Most finance deals require a minimum deposit / equity of 10%. 

You can nominate your maximum monthly payment that you are comfortable with. Remember that low monthly payments can require larger cash deposits, and vice versa.